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Relaxed atmosphere in a breathtaking nature!
There is a warm and friendly atmosphere in the small, family-owned hotel, which has a history dating back 200 years. Cozy atmosphere without any stress in this charming old French Hotel. The rooms are not large and luxurious, but adequate and clean. All rooms have private bath and toilet. There is wireless internet in all rooms. The large cozy living room is at your disposal with activities including TV, games and books. The hotel has a nice restaurant with local as well as known dishes.
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The last restaurant before the mountains!
It is said, that the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach. The same goes for women ;-). Fortunately, we can give you a mouthwatering experiences at our restaurant. We practise and cultivate traditional cuisine and hospitality at the very heart of the Village. Local products are transformed into carefully prepared dishes typical to this region. You will also find a remarkable collection of local wines, each with its own characteristics, that will compete to be your favorite.
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Clear skies, fabulous nature and dramatic history!
Located in the heart of the Cathar country, our Hotel is surrounded by majestic mountains. The area around Axat is inspiring and revitalizing. From the mild to the wild you'll find your adventure thresholds here and in the Mountains. The extensive natural environment offer activities in the air-, water- and on land. An oasis of relaxation nestled in a breathtaking nature, with fresh mountain air and an inspiring landscape will help you rediscover your inner balance.
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